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The E-Series push out awning window is fully customizable, made-to-order in nearly any color, interior wood species or finish. With a virtually maintenance-free aluminum exterior, the E-Series push out awning provides old-world style with simple operation - just pull the lock handle up and push the window out. Andersen E-Series push out awning windows come in custom colors, unlimited interior options and dynamic sizes and shapes. Every E-Series push out awning window is made to your exact specifications, giving you unmatched freedom


  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Exterior thick extruded cladding resists the elements of inclement weather, abrasion and impact.
  • Solid wood interiors in infinite possibilities for the strength your design needs in the finish


  • Weather-resistant construction for greater comfort and energy efficiency
  • Tri-State Builders ImagesVariety of High-Performance Low-E4 glass options available to help control heating and cooling costs in any climate
  • Weatherstripping is designed to seal out drafts, wind and water
  • Many E-Series awning windows have options that make them ENERGY STAR v. 6.0 certified throughout the U.S.


  • 50 exterior colors, seven anodized finishes and custom colors
  • Ten distinctive wood species, eleven interior finishes and custom interiors
  • Extensive hardware selection, grilles, decorative glass options and more


Tri-State Builders Images
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Tri-State Builders Images

Hassle Free Process

Tri-State Builders eliminates the need to work with multiple companies. We are responsible for all aspects of your window replacement and installation.

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Unrivaled Beauty

Andersen windows are custom built, meaning a nearly limitless selection of window styles, colors, and grilles to fit any home.

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Superior Performance

Andersen's exclusive Fibrex composite material lasts longer, performs better, and is stronger than vinyl.

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Energy Efficiency

Andersen's energy efficient windows are ENERGY STAR certified and can reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Professional Installation

A great window is only as good as the installation behind it. With Tri-State Builders, you get the product reputation of Andersen Windows with the master work of passionate installers.

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Long-Term Value

Andersen windows offers some of the best warranties in the industry. They're even transferable should you sell your home. With their exclusive Owner-to-Owner limited warranties, you get peace of mind, plus real added value.

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